A brand new year ahead of you!

 How can we best move forward into God’s plan for 2019?

Attend the following Forward Workshop/Retreat!

Was 2018 filled with challenges, victories or maybe both? Making the time to purposefully reflect on where you’ve been in the past 12 months, taking the opportunity to sift through events, circumstances, and people that have impacted your year, allows each of us to gain clarity on what we should leave behind and what we should bring forward in the year ahead.

This day will include large and small group interactive conversations, guided solitude time, listening activities, prayer, music, and of course lunch, snacks and beverages! 

Becky Ransome founder of AWU (ArmedWithUmbrellas LLC,) and Certified Facilitator with Listen To My Life- visual mapping will be presenting. For more information about both Armed With Umbrellas and Listen To My Life please go to: ArmedWithUmbrellas.com and Onelifemaps.com

For additional details or questions please contact Becky Ransome.