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Dare 2 Share Live

October 13th, 2018

$20/Student + 2 meals                 $0/Adult + 2 meals

This one-day outreach event is an incredible way for you and your students to reach people in your communities and schools by praying, serving, and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Simulcast live from Denver, CO to locations across the United States, this event is your chance to make a difference and share the love of Jesus with people right in your community!

Rock Your City

The theme of Dare 2 Share LIVE 2018 is “Rock Your City” and is based on Acts 4:31 – “After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.”

This is exactly what will happen on October 13th as teens from all over the country join together in their individual communities. As they are trained to share their faith, their hearts will break for their lost friends, and they will be unleashed onto their own streets to serve and share with boldness. Each of the communities surrounding the 99 satellite sites will be rocked with the gospel. A message that will begin in the hearts of each student will reverberate outward into a national movement of gospel conversations.

Dare 2 Share LIVE is designed to make a real and tangible impact. After engaging in the training and outreach on October 13, you will see:

Your students rocked

The inspiring teaching, worship, prayer, and skits will equip your students to share their faith. And nothing shakes our faith like going for it reaching out with the gospel! Relying on the power of the Holy Spirit as they go out on the outreach experience will deepen and strengthen their faith like no other event will.

“I want people to come to Dare 2 Share LIVE because I want them to feel like I feel, knowing God and having a relationship with God.” -Student

“We went house to house and we got to share the gospel with some amazing people… You just see God working in many people’s lives and it was just so amazing to witness.” -Student

“We’re really excited about the possibility of igniting a movement of peers in our very own city.” -Youth Leader

Your community rocked

This is the power of Dare 2 Share LIVE. Local churches banding together, their students leading the way. Teenagers sharing the gospel with their neighbors, their friends and their Instagram followers. This kind of movement is what transforms families, churches, communities and entire nations. And our God is powerful enough to accomplish it.

“We’re excited about Dare 2 Share LIVE because we believe that students can not only go in their community and engage in gospel conversations, but also then start a movement.” -Youth Leader

“We had people from the neighborhood come say thank you to us. They said they usually see Jehovah’s Witnesses or the vacuum salesman engaging with people, but they were really encouraged by Christians going out and sharing the gospel.” -Youth Leader

Your youth group rocked

When your students are captured by the vision of reaching their friends with the gospel, given practical tools to carry it out, and challenged to put what they’ve learned into practice right then, they will become an unstoppable force in your youth ministry and your church. When just a few students go all in, they can change the DNA of your youth group, their hearts and passion making it a vibrant place of new believers and spiritual growth.

“The kids got up in front of sixty adults to share their testimonies from LIVE. Then they used the material they’d learned and taught the adults how to have a gospel conversation. Seeing our teenagers be so confident and excited about evangelism, it really pushed the adults to say, ‘Hey, I can do that too.’” -Youth Leader, Baxter McGuirt, South Carolina

Here’s what the day will look like

Morning – Inspiration and training – students will be trained, inspired and equipped to share the gospel with their peers, learning how to bring God up, and pray, care and share.
Afternoon – Activation and outreach – groups will have a chance to put into practice what they’ve been learning by going out into the surrounding community to serve and share the gospel. Activities may vary by site, but many groups will be doing canned food collection for local food banks.
Evening – Prayer and praise party! – everyone will celebrate all that God has done with worship and prayer, sharing stories from the outreach experience.
The simulcast will be broadcast live all over the country to each of the 99 satellite sites so students will be praying, worshipping, and going out to share the gospel at the EXACT SAME TIME on October 13!

Each designated satellite site will feature the live feed, but also a live worship band and a live emcee to facilitate the live portions of the training.