Fight WITH or FOR?

Families can play an incredibly important role in shaping us into Jesus followers. God will use our families to show us blind spots that need to be changed and families can also affirm strengths we have as well.

Families are important but they aren't perfect. Many of us have been through times that we fought WITH family members. Those times are tough. Sunday we will be talking about how to fight FOR our family members. David is continuing our series "Choosing Your Family Portrait" with a message on Spiritual Warfare. You won't want to miss.

As we enter into May, there are several events I want to highlight to make sure they make it onto your calendar.

May 5- in the foyer there will be opportunity for you to partner with the Hunger Challenge. This is a ministry to help feed the people in South Sudan. You can contribute both time and resources. Make sure you check it out.

May 12- This is Mother's Day and we will have our baby dedication. If you want your child to be dedicated, please send a picture to

May 19- we will be celebrating baptism at 6:00 at the south end of Pawleys. If you want to be baptized please go to our website and click on "events". You can sign up there and receive more information.

May 26- This Sunday has two significant events. The Daraja Children's choir from Africa will be performing in our Sunday service. It is going to be amazing. Also, this will be our last Sunday before leaving on our Sabbatical for the summer. After the service we will have a BBQ dinner so please plan to stay so we can visit for a few minutes. More info to come.

It is going to be a great weekend. We will miss you as we are in Kentucky for a few days. So glad we can watch the service on-line!

I love my church family!