Following Jesus was never intended by God to be done alone. Living life Up (with God), In (with other followers of Jesus), and Out (reaching out with love and compassion to those who are not followers of Christ) is God’s plan for every Christian. We all need connection.
Life Communities are the primary place of connection at PICC. While we have some small groups to help stabilize long-term relationships between existing members, our Life Communities are more like an extended family gathering (15-50) where everyone is invited. These are places where intimacy is built, care is practiced, group growth is embraced, and mission is accomplished. It is a group of people who do more than meet on a weekly basis, as they seek to do life together and continually include others in the community. If you would like more information or would like to connect with a Life Community, contact David Rhodes at


These groups are larger than most small groups and center around “doing life and mission together.” (More in depth Bible study is available in our Learning Communities.) Most gatherings include a meal and designed to remain open to new people.

The Inlet Group
Leaders: Mark and Carol Duckworth
Wednesday evenings
Mission: 1st Touch for new PICC Attenders

The Heritage Group
Leaders: Emerson and Juanita Treffer
Tuesday evenings
Mission: To reach out to the Heritage community
Current Study -Heaven

1st Responders Group
Leaders: Jim and Donna Coggin
Tuesday evenings
Mission: To serve and reach 1st Responders in the South Strand

Mentoring Children of Incarcerated Parents
Leaders: Paul and Joy Banta
Partner: Carolina Human Reinvestment
Various times
Mission: Mentoring children of incarcerated parents. 

Young Families
Leaders: Bobby and Jamie Edwards
                Cody and Jolynn Sifford
1st Sundays after Worship Service
Mission: To foster community and outreach to young families

LIFE GROUPS- Presently open
These groups usually consist of 8-16 people and ordinarily center around a Bible study.  These groups have limited capacity but currently have room for new members.

Lindstrand Group
Leaders: Romeo & LaRue Lindstrand Group
Wednesday evenings

Utley/Sperber Group
Leaders: Scott and Allison Sperber
                Jon and Lorraine Utley
Tuesday evenings
Mission: Partnering with Habitat for Humanity

Waltemyer Group
Marty and Ellie Waltemyer
Wednesday evenings
Current Study: Watch Your Mouth (Tony Evans) 

Mid-week Ladies Group
Leader: Joy Banta
Ladies Only
Wednesday mornings at 10:30 am
Location: Building K -PICC Campus
Current Study: What Love Is:  The Letters of 1st, 2nd, & 3rd John (Beginning 9/12/18)

Friday Men’s Group
Leader: Dave Clayton
Men only
Friday mornings, 6:30 am
Location: Building K- PICC Campus

LIFE GROUPS- Presently at capacity
These are small groups that currently do not have room for new members but may open at some future time if space permits.

Henry/Sears Group
Leaders: Joe and Janet Henry
                Don and Beth Sears
Friday evenings
Mission: To reach out to the hurting in our community

Hilliard Group
Leaders: George and Helen Hilliard
Thursday evenings

Rowland Group
Leaders: Don and Janel Rowland
Tuesday evenings
Current Study: Brand New (Andy Stanley)

Mid-week Ladies Group
Leader: Judy Long
Ladies Only
Wednesday evenings

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