Missions Ministry

Mike Fields

POWER Missions
PICC’s Outreach to the World through Evangelism and Rescue

God’s heart aches for lost and hurting people.  PICC responds with what we term POWER Missions.  It’s a focus on bringing people hope and love through a relationship with Jesus Christ and though practical efforts to relieve suffering.  Whether it’s a two week trip or an on-going local project, POWER Missions has five core values: 

Prayer: We believe reaching across cultures can only be sustained through prayer.  Wherever we go ‘on mission’, we seek to lay a foundation of prayer.

Evangelism:  We believe that true change, whether in an individual or in a community, can only be achieve through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Our approach to evangelism is definitely not through a bullhorn - but through long term relationships, by being true to God’s call on our lives and by being prepared to explain our faith with gentleness and respect.

Rescue: We know that hurting people are on God’s heart and we seek to bring tangible help.  Whether it is a construction project in Guatemala, serving food in Georgetown, or holding a lonely hand in Romania – PICC believes strongly that God’s love is shown in action.

Partnerships and Teamwork: We partner with ministries in Guatemala, Romania and Georgetown County.  We are active with Samaritans Purse, Teach My People, Habitat for Humanity and many other regional organizations.  We emphasize teamwork – on our short term trips and on long-term local commitments – so that no one goes it alone.  Our spirit of partnership and teamwork also extends to our fulltime missionaries located literally around the world.

If you are interested in opportunities in POWER Missions, contact Mike Fields at 237-4449 ext. 1023 or by sending him an email at mike@pawleysisland.church.