Welcome Home to family, life and purpose.


None of us like surprises. Here is a run down of what you can expect when you come to Pawleys Island Community Church.

Before you arrive:

The dress at our church is casual. Most people choose to dress very comfortably for our worship services.


Driving In:

When you arrive, you will find helpful parking attendants that will direct you to a place to park.


Welcome Team:

When you walk toward the worship center, you will be welcomed by our greeters identified by name tags. Our greeters can help you find the worship spaces for children and answer general questions about our church.

Information Center:

When you enter the Worship Center, you will see a sign on the right for our Information Center. Here, you can ask questions and receive information regarding our church.

Coffee Station:

Across from the Information Center, you will find our coffee station where you can fix a great cup of coffee and grab a granola bar as well.



PICC offers worship experiences for all ages. The Discovery Zone program is for ages 0-2. Our Preschool KidZone program is for ages 3-5. JUMP is our worship experience for children from grades 1-5.

See a greeter or our Information Center for a map to guide you as to where your children's services are held.

All other students, grade 6 and up, will find our worship service to be engaging and meaningful.

Should you choose to bring young children into our service, please sit in the reserved area in the back. From here, you can exit quickly so your child will not create a disturbance for others. You can still hear the service from our foyer. There is also a room for nursing mothers available.

Inside the Doors:

Once inside the worship center, we will begin our worship service.


One of our team members will welcome everyone and ask those who are guests to fill out a visitor's card. The information on this card is NOT sent out to anyone, yet simply gives us your name and contact information so we can send you a letter, thanking you for your visit. It also gives you a place to let us know how we can be praying for you.

Our music is a great blend of traditional and new music. We have a band that leads our worship.

The message is always biblically based with practical life application for everyone.


When the message ends, there is opportunity for everyone to respond to what God has said to you. For some, it is to simply sit and reflect. Some will go to one of our communion stations and take the Lord's Supper. Others will go to the crosses in the worship center where they pin a message or prayer request on one of the crosses. Others may choose to go to our prayer teams for prayer.

After the service:

After the service our pastor, Don Williams, and his wife, Ginny Williams, would love to meet you. In the side foyer (referred to in our service), Don and Ginny have a gift for you.

Thanks again for visiting our website. We trust this information is helpful in planning your visit.